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   Books by Author-Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe are sold at ,, and many other fine booksellers, in the US and internationally. 

  For signed copies of Judy's books, and related products, please visit our online store at

  For information on Judy's appearances, book events, and upcoming releases, please visit 
  Author, Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe on Facebook.


 Here's a look at Judy's first book of 2012.  The story of Leaf is accompanied by 10 pages of informative nonfiction 
backmatter -- essentially two books in one!

Here is a peek inside Judy's 2011 books:


                                                                                                                           Above, a painting from "The Heron Chronicles:  Halley's Quest,"
                                                                                                                                                     planned for release in late 2012. 

        To see more of the insides of Judy's books, please visit "Author, Illustrator Judy Link Cuddehe" on Facebook.  

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