Cuddehe Services 
      Innovative, Creative, Exceptional, since 2000

Company History

Cuddehe Services was established in the year 2000 as a licensed contractor in the state of Virginia.  The company specialized in home maintenance and repair in the Oak Hill area (indoor and outdoor carpentry, electrical, light plumbing, appliance repair, drywall repair, computer and home entertainment system network installation, diagnostics and repair, roof repair,
    landscaping).  By 2009, we eliminated the original home repair business offerings as other 
    product and service lines, described below, expanded.

               Our online store opened in 2009. 

Cuddehe Services
is an environmentally and socially conscious company.  Each year we launch 2 or more charitable ventures.  We take as much pride in how our goods are made, and our effect on the community, as we do in our beautiful products.      
In 2008, we added The Green Zone Line of one-of-a-kind, high-quality, hand-crafted products, made using only environmentally sound processes.  To that end, we find and prepare the tiniest bits of rare woods, metals, and other materials, that would otherwise end up in landfills.  In other words, we mine the smallest remnants of discarded, damaged,and previously used material, giving it a second, third, sometimes fourth life.  Harvesting materials this way is time-consuming, but the results are worth it.  Most of our not-for-profit fundraisers are made possible through sales of                The Green Zone Line. 
  In 2010, we introduced Cuddehe Cards, a line of notecards and greeting cards. 
  The line consists of:  
  1) Signed, limited-run prints on acid-free, archival-quality 140 lb. cold press watercolor
  2) Custom illustrations and paintings based on the customers' specifications, for larger
      quantities (minimum of 100 per design, and up) of printed postcards and notecards. 

Cuddehe Services
established a publishing arm, Found Link Books, in 2011, to publish an estimated 4 illustrated books per year and to manage the vast illustration inventory associated with Cuddehe Cards.

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